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A Memorial Park is not only a place of final rest for the deceased, but a place to keep memories alive. A place where generations come and discover who their forebears were. A place to leave a personalized, everlasting tribute to a loved one. Franklin Memorial Park is proud to be able to provide these opportunities.

Memorial Kiosk — A place to keep an everlasting tribute to a loved one

The Memorial Kiosk is a computer kiosk located within each mausoleum which contains personalized tributes to loved ones. A personalized tribute may take many forms. It may be a description of accomplishments, a letter, a quote, a passage that had particular meaning or an obituary. A tribute may also be a handwritten document which can be reproduced. You may also consider using a family tree in the kiosk.

For more information, please see our Memorial Kiosk brochure. To place an order, please contact a Memorial Counselor or call our office at (732) 545-4184.

Memorial Kiosk
Memorial Kiosk

The Memorial Kiosk is also a directory of all those interred in our Mausoleums, Memorial Sections and Columbaria. To find a location, just use the touch screen to enter the person's name and then follow the map. For persons in our memorial sections, please contact the office for help in finding locations. There is a kiosk in each mausoleum.

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Personalized Perpetual Lights

Since the beginning of time, the perpetual flame has been used as a memorial tribute across all religions. Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to find the solace that comes with the lighting of a candle in memory of a loved one with the added comfort of knowing that your tribute will shine for one year or many years. For more information, download our Perpetual Lights brochure. To place an order, please contact a Memorial Counselor or call our office at (732) 545-4184.

Perpetual Lights
Perpetual Lights
Perpetual Lights

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Ceramic Portraits

Call our office at (732) 545-4184 for more information.

Memorial Benches

call our office at (732) 545-4184 for more information.

Flower Program

Franklin Memorial Park is pleased to provide a Floral Program for mausoleum crypt and niche orders. To participate in this program, you must have a permanent crypt or niche vase. These are solid bronze vases and are permanently attached to the crypt or niche front. You may order your flower arrangements and vases using the form below.

Flower Arrangement Flower Arrangement Flower Arrangement

Listed below are the holidays and special occasions for which floral arrangements can be provided. Please check the style and click the "Add to your Floral Program" button for each occasion you would like to have your loved on honored and remembered. When you are finished with your selections, click the "Check Out" button to complete your order. If you do not see an occasion listed and would like to place a special order, please do not hesitate to add it under "Other" or call our office.

Traditional Arrangements - $25.00 each
Niche Arrangements (For Cremated Remains) - $6.00 each
Crypt Vase - $238.50
Niche Vase (Outdoor) - $150.00
Niche Vase (Indoor) - $150.00




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