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Ground Burial at Franklin Memorial Park

Franklin Memorial Park offers in-ground burial in our Memorial sections. The first thing you may notice upon entering our park is the absence of headstones that you find in traditional cemeteries. Memorial Parks are designed to offer families a park like atmosphere. Memorial Parks offer many advantages. One being that all families are equal here; wealth is not displayed by the size of one’s monument. Instead bronze memorials on granite or concrete bases are placed at the foot of the graves. Another advantage of this design is that maintenance can be performed very efficiently helping us guarantee that the park will maintain it nice appearance in the future.

Purchasing a cemetery plot provides families with many options:

  • Families choose two plots side by side and typically place a double memorial centered on both plots.
  • Some families choose a single plot and have it opened extra depth for two burials in the same plot. They then place a single memorial with two names on the plot.
  • Some families choose to place cremated remains in their plot.
  • Some families first decide to purchase plots and then deicide that they would rather choose above ground burial in one of our mausoleums. In this case families are afforded a generous credit to be used towards the purchase of a mausoleum.

Flower Regulations

Franklin Memorial Park has some specific regulations regarding grave flowers.

Memorial Refinishing

Could your memorial use some love! We are now refinishing memorials in our shop. Please visit the this link for more information. Memorial Refinishing Information


For more information on ground burial, please visit our FAQ page. There you will find the answer to many questions you may have.

Ground Burial at Franklin Memorial Park
Ground Burial at Franklin Memorial Park



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